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Haven't hit with the midplus yet but honestly, I don't think I will. I've got my YTMids set up very nicely and don't think I want to spend any more money on racquets. After all, I have a pair of Youtek Mids; a pair of MG Mids and a pair of Original Prince Rebel 95s. (Also got a deal on a BLX90 that I couldn't walk away from ). Nice feedback on the IG Midplus though. Hopefully it plays better than the stiff, boardy-feeling YT version. You know, IMO, the Microgel Prestige is probably one of the most under-appreciated lines Head has ever released. I think most people hated the paint jobs but to me they were the perfect blend of feel, flex and shock absorption. They absorbed shock without feeling muted; not too flexy, not too stiff; and had a perfect swingspeed.
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