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No guys, This thread is not a joke. I am very serious. May be Federer can beat all the other guys but can never beat Nadal. If you have doubt, just wait and see. But Nadal can beat all, anyone and everyone. At present, there is no one who has the ability to give him any trouble. This is the obvious fact and it is very much proved in the results. You may go by the ranking points to assert your claim that Federer is more dominant. But that points will completely reverse in quite a few days. Federer wont be no 1 for long since he cannot beat Nadal. Nadal will win everything, beat Federer on every occassion and therefore rise to no 1 and Federer will slip to no 2. Nadal's presence will psycologically upset Federer and he will only get fed up, frustated and demoralised more and more because of his inability to overcome Nadal (mental obstacle). So his game will slip further and his ranking too. He will meet the same fate as Hewitt and Courier. So simple logic, it's clear who is more dominant. And then even in future there does not appear to be anyone who can take on Nadal face to face. Do you think anyone can? Fellow youngsters (Gasquet, Monfils, Young etc) are too inconsistent and also they do not have the game to trouble Nadal in anyway. This fact is pretty obvious. So, I don't see Nadal losing anything atleast in the next 10 years. In fact, you can't have a game plan against him. He is extraordinary. In the next 15 years, he would compete atleast 15*4 = 60 grand slams of which in the worst case he would win atleast 50% of it i.e. 30 at the minimum. So my logic is correct and I have proved it. Everybody says Nadal wont win this and that but he proves everyone wrong. You guys said he would lose to Baghdatis, but what happened? He ripped Baghdatis apart. Now you would say he would lose to blake and it's obvious what's going to happen. Then, same with Federer and the same outcome. IMHO, Nadal is the greatest player in history by a long long way. There is no contest here. I speak my heart out and not a joke.
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