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Default *********yonex v-core 95d club*********

A very stable all court arm friendly player's frame. it's remind me the blx six one tour but less weight, less demanding, bigger sweetspot and more arm friendly. don't FORGET put a GOOD POLY in the main at mid tension around 57 lbs to get a huge control and put something like kirschbaum pro line 11 1.20 in the crosses for more comfort and power. DON'T STRING LOW TENSION CAUSE IT'S STRING SENSITIVE. SERVE: my first flat ball is big and accurate. my second kick serve is very good too (high bounce),my slicing serve is ok. FOREHAND:everything is there with a good technique, power,control, spin and flat shot. very consistent. BACKHAND: i have a lot of confidence on my one handed backhand with this stick. i made a lot of winner from everywhere on the court. i can do almost everything i want with my slice 9 ( a lot of effect) i have many ways to slice the balls. Softer is the frame better is the slice for me. VOLLEY: at approx 320 unstrung, it's very stable. watch out if you push the ball at the net cause it will sailing long. you must let the racquet do the work for you cause this stick is kind of thick (21 to 22mm beam) DROP SHOT: this racquet is lively so you need a good preparation to keep the ball low and dead. SMASH: no complain at all OVERHEAD: succesfull in summary, a very high quality frame in the hands of a good player's ( above 4.0) my only downside: the grip is ********.
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