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Originally Posted by Autodidactic player View Post
Good morning, or in your case good afternoon,

I have played quite a bit with the Tretorn and my impression was different - and a bit better - than yours. I think that was because I started with lower expectations. I'll be kind to myself and say - reluctantly - that I am at least three times your age! The Tretorn would have been "cutting edge" when I was a junior and would have been competing with other metal rackets of the day like the Seamless, the Chemold or the Tensor. In comparison to those rackets the Tretorn is similarly flexible and plays just about as well; to be completely accurate I'd say a little bit worse. Back then, flex was an asset in a racket because the game demanded much more touch and feel than the modern big hitting game. The big downside of the Tretorn is that it feels flimsy, perhaps even cheap, because of the multi-part design and the fact that you can't really get the string set tight enough to feel secure. That is why the Maynard is different. The air tube really makes the headset feel secure in that racket. I was scared that if I tried to tighten the Tretorn turnbuckle to much it would break and - given how hard these rackets are to find in the US - I wasn't ready to take that chance. My Frisbee comment was only a bit of a joke. I was never confident that the string set would stay in place.

Hope all is well with you. If you uncover any more oddities please drop me a line.
Well, unfortunately I thought the same with yours, that it was REALLY difficult to screw the headpiece in. It helps a bit if you slide off the handle first and then grip right under the screw. Coincidentally, the one I picked up later has no problems at all with this.

Flex is actually something I appreciate (playing a Max 200G at times and main stick has the mold of a Prestige but flex down at 50) but this just feels... weird! Could be down to the stringbed flexing weirdly before the actual frame does...

Also, oddities have been a rare sight here. Even woodies have been troublesome to find. Last 3-4 times I've been to the second hand stores I haven't found a single wooden racquet even which is troublesome because of a project me and my friend is going to try in the summer (and no, it doesn't mean breaking them all. Or at least not in my case!) All is well though, hope the same can be said with you!

And to contribute to this thread, I might as well show the only fun racquet I have left, which is exactly the same as above...

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