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Default I'll play.

Originally Posted by joy
No guys, This thread is not a joke. I am very serious. May be Federer can beat all the other guys but can never beat Nadal. If you have doubt, just wait and see. But Nadal can beat all, anyone and everyone. At present, there is no one who has the ability to give him any trouble. ....IMHO, Nadal is the greatest player in history by a long long way. There is no contest here. I speak my heart out and not a joke.
YEah. His only real opponent is history. And history is his only opponent.

Rod Laver's a total chump in the presence of Rafa.
Bjorn Borg's 6 Slams at Roland and 5 at the All England Club: nothing compared to Rafa.
Edberg, Mac, Sampras? One-trick ponies. Glorified Rafters and Stichs.
Boris? Undedicated. Not a fighter. Not worthy of the same paragraph as Rafa.
Agassi winning all four Slams: a blip on Rafa's screen.
Budge, Tilden, Kramer, Perry, Gonzales? They bow before Rafa's greatness.
Lendl, Borg, Vilas, Muster, Bruguera, Kuerten? After watching Rafa, they finally understand how to compete on clay!!
Yannick Noah and Jim Courier? Lacking in charisma compared to the wonderful Rafa Nadal.

Okay joy, we appreciate and admire your enthusiasm. People like VamosRafa or Uncle Toni (Nadal)...or Rafa himself would love to read your words. But don't you think even THEY would consider them a little premature?
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