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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
You're right. Milan were excellent at the back, but to say that the pitch was in great shape or to say that Barcelona didn't have a legit shout for a penalty on the tackle on Sanchez would be a lie. The result was somewhat surprising, and I think Pep will try to even things out next week for the return leg - I wouldn't be surprised to see Barca smash Milan, TBH. I think I'm going to go put down a few on that.
I'm not so sure, Milan have a good defence and they are shielded very well. Nocerino and Ambrosini are pretty much there to stop anyone even getting to the defence, so it will be tricky for Barcelona, especially when you have to be wary of Ibrahimovic, Boateng and Robinho up the other end.

I think i'll say 2-2, with Milan going through on away goals. That would be the best thing for the tournament imo. Showing it is possible to knock Barcelona out over 2 legs and seeing the mighty Milan back where they feel they belong after so long, it would be good to see.
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