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I agree nadal will be #1 but lets not go crazy with these wild predictions.First of all nadal has one grand slam but thats at the age of 19,guess how many slams fed won at that age, thats right none.As far as all these injury predictions that is just what all the fed fans are hoping for because they know what is coming.As far as injurys go all players get hurt the only thing nadal has to do is cut back how much he plays.Nadal is in better shape than any other player,as far as his style leading to injurys, it looks like the opposing players will get more injurys trying to stay with him.I agree that blake might give him trouble,i think right now blake has a better chance than fed.Nadal is the best player out there right now, i dont care what all you fed fans say.I remember hearing nadal could only win on clay,then bags was going to beat him last night,ya that was a helluva match wasnt it.Nadal kicked his butt all over the court.The one thing all you fed fans have to explain to me is if fed is the god then how could nadal beat him 3 out of 4.Do that math, you boys better get used to the number 2 word because that is were your boy fed the god is headed.Fed is a great player but he has been lucky the mens field has been weak,his run is over!!
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