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Originally Posted by Autodidactic player View Post
One of the biggest issues manufacturers have when joining two dissimilar materials is weakness at the point where they join. Of course, this is a major problem with tennis rackets which take quite a lot of stress but still need to stay in one piece. I think the wood grip would eventually separate from the graphite head and you'd be left with two pieces of trash; or worse, a lawsuit if they separated at the wrong time!
Hmmmm? Good point ......

I wonder how Babolat does it? They stick that "cortex "
Thing in the middle of the racquet.

Not a tennis racquet but steering wheels in cars.....classy ones are wood partially for the look but also for the feel.

I think they could do it somehow .....I'm only talking about the handle of the racquet. They can maybe Bolt it in??

The Pro Kennex line actually had wood in the "core"......and of course as you know back in the day they had cimposture racquets.......

( by the way I have the Vilas but not "crazy" )......

Anyway I may be wrong about it but I think making a handle wood is a cool idea....must be a way.
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