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Originally Posted by Matt21 View Post
Haven't hit with the midplus yet but honestly, I don't think I will. I've got my YTMids set up very nicely and don't think I want to spend any more money on racquets. After all, I have a pair of Youtek Mids; a pair of MG Mids and a pair of Original Prince Rebel 95s. (Also got a deal on a BLX90 that I couldn't walk away from ). Nice feedback on the IG Midplus though. Hopefully it plays better than the stiff, boardy-feeling YT version. You know, IMO, the Microgel Prestige is probably one of the most under-appreciated lines Head has ever released. I think most people hated the paint jobs but to me they were the perfect blend of feel, flex and shock absorption. They absorbed shock without feeling muted; not too flexy, not too stiff; and had a perfect swingspeed.
Really? I love the MG pjs and the tiger stripes. I never tried the PC600, but the feel on the MG Mid is great. Not too stiff and not too flexy. I used to hit the FXP Mid and eventually didn't like the boardy feel. I tried my friend's YT Mid for one day and it's a solid stick. The YT midplus was alright, but it didnt't have a lot of plow through and it had no feel. I also demoed the IG Mid and was amazed at the maneuverability and plow through on groundstrokes. The IG MP had less plow through obviously, but still felt very stable and still had a very soft feel.
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