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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Hey Frido, I've never tried them. But I'm glad to hear that they do have incredible feel. That makes them an even better gut mains replacement! Are you using them in a full bed?
No, I'm not using them anymore. I played for a while coming back to tennis from my tennis elbow injury. I played them in full bed in a PK Ki5, this string has in my opinion his unique feel and pockets the ball like no other.
I've never played with natural gut, but I guess is the type of feel Dynamite provides.
On the bad side, the strings move like crazy. I couldn't stand that at all, and that's why I did not play with them any longer. The other negative aspect is that the outer layer peels off in hours leaving exposed dozens of filaments until the strings break.
I would love to know if they addressed and fix these problems with the newer version of it.
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