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the original post is not even good enough for an article..... my only concern for Nadal is that the game is too much of grind... these type of players may seem to be invincible (Courier, Change, Muster), but usually their dominance may not last long because it takes too much out of their body... Nadal just had an injury that sidelined him for a couple of months, if he keeps up this style of play, I bet my house that he won't last past age 25.... meaning that he has 6 years of prime left, in which he may have 50% chance of winning the French, 0% of Wimbledon, 20% of USO (which is generous) and 30% of Aussie, that would give him 6 more slams by the time he burns out.

looking at the history of this game, the players with Agassi-like longevity plays a baseline game that controls the center of the court and stand close to the baseline..... the way Nadal plays, the mileage quickly addes up on the odometer and wear/tear will show up someday for sure.
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