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Originally Posted by ryushen21 View Post
. I have never hit with an MSVstring that I liked. They all felt cheap and plasticky to me.
The way to think about it is that TW made a list of most spin friendly setups. this is one of the best (gut/cofocus). The reason is because it is a very slick string. What that means is it will not cut into your mains and will slide against them instead. You will get more spin and a longer string life out of your gut this way.

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
More re the touch stuff and APD and how this isn't a great match up...

Thankfully I found (and always have done actually) the APD very good for powerful block back volleys and the like.

Anyhow, the more all court game isn't what I play the frame for, but, yes...

Hey Ross, what strings did you have in the APD? I get a lot more touch with the RIP. Also, you just have to practice those you practice them a lot? If not, of course you will miss lobs for a takes a lot of time to dial in touch, but you can have touch with any stick setup if you practice.
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