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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
Its amazing how we all have a slightly different feel for a racket and I think it can all boil down to fed's stick. There is a lot of love for the point and shoot, stiffer hoop of the k90. Personally I love the pro staff 90 and its softer hoop/feel. I think the majority of us would find ourselves in one bracket or the other.

I've also been looking at shoes again, on court mobility my ability lies in my lateral movement and wingspan, my weakness lies in my forward and back due to my lumbering size and big feet! I'm wearing head radical pro II and they are heavy, much heavier than stated in the tw stats, but they are very stable and comfortable. Ideally id wear them laterally and a pair of vapor tours front to back
I like the sound of that. Would love this 'hybrid' tennis shoe!


Presently getting through my Hexaspin Twist which I have in a few frames as a full job and one with Bab Ny... No, I don't practice them a lot (not much playing/practice time last 3 weeks) - know I should. From past experience though, I do find certain frames (especially Prestiges and 6.1s) instantly deliver in this respect for me.
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