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I need to pick up grommets as well. Must remind myself to do that as soon as money becomes available again.

I was thinking back to polys that I have used previously as possible crosses for my gut to prolong the lifespan. This is the list that I came up with:

SP Poly Plasma Pure
Kirsch PLII
Tecni Pro Red Code

The first two I don't think would be an issue at all. I remember PRC being a stiffer string but I think that using it with gut would improve the feel. I actually think that it may be in the same stiffness range as Tornado.

PP...thanks for the input. Right now I'm not wanting to gamble on something that is completely untested because I want to officially be done with gear and really focus on technique. Looking forward to the summer tournament season means I really have to sharpen my game if I want to be competitive.

I've also decided that instead of ordering the half sets of gut, I'm going to order the full set since I can get it in 16g. I'l pretty much always be stringing two frames at a time so no need to worry about that half set going bad.
.....what comes next??.....
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