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Originally Posted by SlapShot View Post
Yo, PP - I ordered a few sets of RIP 17 to try in the PSTGT. Haven't yet found a string setup that does everything well for long enough. The frame itself is perfect though - slap a leather on it, it's 355g strung with a dampener, and puts a good licking on the ball. At least when I'm playing enough to get good racquet head speed.

I see you're playing it at 58# - how is the feel at that tension? I've tried full poly at 54# (too dead), poly/multi at 54/58 (just right, but didn't play at peak form for long enough to justify the cost) and gut/poly at 59/54 (which was OK, but a little dead for my tastes).

I feel like I just need something a bit more crisp that has just enough pop, but puts a bite on the ball (hence my attraction to RIP). If RIP doesn't work, I'm going to take a shot with PSGD - that's my default "need a crisp string that has some pop" string.
Haaaaaay Power Player - want to lend some guidance on tension for the RIP?
Back to the Prestige MP. Should have never deviated.
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