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I think I am going to do Silverstring/PPA next to see if I can get a similar feel as the Baseline. I didn't realize how much I missed that neutrality, and SS is very tension sensitive. I haven't used it properly but once and that was with gut. Thinking even lower for this time around (48/53).

As a slightly related anecdote, someone just dropped off their racquet and requested BHBR at 45lvs. He first came to me having played multis and wanted to get into poly (I think this was early 2010 when RPM came out and people were raving about it). We picked a good poly to start off with (Cyber Blue), but he was adamant that it be strung at 62 like his multis. He said that anything lower caused a loss of control. I tried to convince him that the guideline is 10% lower, but he wasn't having it. So, I strung his stick for him and a week or so of hitting later he was raving about how much spin he was getting, how he could hit out on the ball and it wouldn't go long, the increase in control, etc. He said to me 'I told you about the tension. I'd be spraying shots everywhere if I'd taken your advice.' That was when I told him and showed him even on the stringing sticker inside the throat that I'd strung at 54lbs. Customer does know best, unless it's going to destroy their arm!
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