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the 1.20 i played was close to sensational the first session (after having it settled for 24h) and playable the next session (count 2 hours each time). then it was uncontrollable and broke around 8 hours.

the 1.25 was pretty nice for almost two sessions (less spin, slightly more control) and then also went off, even if i expected it, due to the thicker diameter, to keep it going a little bit longer. interestingly it also broke at the beginning of the fifth session, so maybe it lasted about half an hour more than the thinner diameter.

as funny as it is, in spite of being an austrian brand and producing at a factory about 65km from vienna, the baseline range is at the cheapest arounf 50 euros per reel (some 65 usd + shipping) in germany, in austria it's even a little bit more expensive, while in the us you get it for 40 usd/reel, which is slightly less than 35 euro!!

for 35 euro i would definitely play it myself and cut it out every second hitting session. for close to 60 euros per reel (incl. shipping) i have some longer lasting alternatives, which even after four hitting hours do not drop performancewise below fresh baseline.

nevertheless, this is a really incredibly good string for the first two-three hours, a string that makes you ask yourself what some of the higher priced offerings are doing in the market.
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