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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
New string in today. Very interesting one as well, although I don't know what to think of it yet. As a frequent e Bayer, I come across a lot of different strings regularly. Lots of cheap natural gut, lots of fake big name polys, and then the normal collection of slightly discounted strings. I'd always been curious about this one as it has a very strange description, and people are always bidding on it. So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and put up a max of $30 and ended up with 5 sets of the stuff. I'm 100% sure many of you have seen this on there and have wondered what it was, and since I can't post a direct link to the Bay, I'll post the screenshot of the description:

Here are my pictures of unwrapping:

I haven't actually tried this stuff yet, but it smells like natural gut, looks like natural gut, burns like natural gut, feels like natural gut and stretches like natural gut. Since the claims are so bold, I'm 100% certain that it's simply gut with the "high-tech" jargon added in to make it seem special if it plays well. For example, if the reference standard for gut was Gaucho or Global gut then someone came out with VS Team, they could get away with the same nonsense in the advert since it does play much better. Whether or not it's down to the carbon nanofibers in this case is another issue. I'm in the camp that says: BS.
Man, I need so feedback on this gut.

I used VS touch X BB Original (Alu Power rough and Fluoro) for some good time.

I wanted to know more about it and if it is possible to string it around 60 Lbs.
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