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Not a bad performance vs Duke but it is evident that the team does not have full confidence in themselves. Several times today a player od doubles team was in position to win a set and then just allowed Duke to rattle off several games in a row letting them off the hook.

at 1 doubles: Maden and Wibowo led 6-4, then lost 4 straight games to lose 8-6.

at 3 doubles: Moran and D Maden led 4-0, would lose 8-6. Lost 5 straight games at one point.

at 2 doubles, Rigsby and Meza led 3-2 and then lost 5 straight games.

Yannick Maden led Cunha 4-0, lost the set 4-6. Then led 3-1 in 2nd set, lost the set 3-6.

Wibowo led Wietoska 3-0, lost 5 straight games and lost set 6-4.

Rigsby won 2nd set 6-1 and had momentum then blew 3 break points in 1st game of 3rd set, then lost 4 straight games.

The only match that Clemson did not have a mental collapse in was Meza vs Mengel. That was even all the way through with long rallies and good shotmaking. Meza is the strongest mentally on the team so no surprise there. Everyone else had issues. It's as if they got alead then thought "wait a minute, we arent supposed to beat Duke"
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