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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
We owe Navratilova to put to an end Evert´s domination.We owe Graf to put to an end Navratilova´s domination.We owe to Seles to put to an end Graf´s domination.We ove Hingis to finish Seles domination.
Graf's first domination is mostly disrupted by her family problems and the label and attacks from the media. Seles emerges at the time when Graf was troubled and suffered by his father's scandals. Graf's second domination is ended by her own keen injuries and the following surgeries.

Hingis didn't finished Seles' domination because Seles was not even dominant in 96-97. But still Seles was dominated by Hingis since 1996.

The dominant power before Hingis' prime years was Graf and the termination of Graf's domination is not because of Hingis but Graf's own injuries. Still an injured and past her prime Graf has a winning record against a prime Hingis.

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