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Default Tourna Big Hitter Black 7/ Discho Iontec

String: Tourna Big Hitter Black 7/ Discho Iontec
Frame(s): YT Radical Pro
Tension: 48

Definitely looks much cooler than a full bed of Iontec by itself...I certainly wouldn't mind an orange iontec tho

Pretty easy to work with. B7 is very soft in the hands while Iontec is a bit stiffer. The only thing worth noting is to be careful when pulling your crosses, the iontec will bite through the edges of the B7 creating premature notching if you're not careful.

After hitting with several different people, I found that this string is better suited to slower, rolling play. Hitting with a friend of mine who was trying out a new racquet was much more pleasant and rewarding than bashing a ball around flat. The spin seems to taper off or become more linear the faster the play or the more heavy the ball. Where I found this string to work really well was in re-directing the ball. A friend of mine and I were working on his forehand trying to get him to streamline his "trigger shot" and he started to hit so well and so fast that I simply couldn't keep more than 2-3 balls in play when trying to fight against the flat. Ultimately I had to swallow my pride and just re-direct the ball and I found that this setup really helped. There was enough control that I was able to get the ball back on court in an effective spot.

From what I noticed, this setup performed really average in most categories; perhaps a bit above average. The best serve I was able to hit was a slow, rolling, kick serve where the target is sheer height instead of court penetration. Very fun to watch, not so fun to hit. Flat is decent but it lacks the extra MPH of a full bed of Iontec and the "stick to the ground" of B7

Again, very average. Not too much snap on the ball and not the greatest for touch. Slicing down or to the side of the ball seemed to help a bit.

Tension maintenance:
Not bad at all: I noticed that the B7 behaved much better in this setup than it did in a full set. Shifting was much less and it played pretty evenly for the life of the string. I wasn't able to notice too much of a difference from initial play to finish.

6ish hours? Not terrible at all considering the last hour involved me fending off a rocket launcher. Ultimately, the strings popped due to notching.

Groundstrokes: 4/5
Serves: 3.5/5
Volleys: 4/5
Spin: 3.5-4/5
Power: 3.5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Tension: 4/5
Durability: 4/5

As a stand-alone string set, it's not bad at all. I'd say that it plays above average for poly with strong notes in comfort and consistency of the string bed but ultimately it loses out when compared against either of it's full bed big brothers. An interesting play but not something I would really come back to.

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