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Originally Posted by yellowoctopus View Post
I agree that the sedentary lifestyle in many modern societies has its own set of negative consequences.
Agreed, and also agreed that modern society and science has positive consequences too.

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I just want to mention that many shoes manufacturers are now marketing the minimalist shoes (which is the topic of this discussion). The advertising messages are that its sexy, sleek, light, and bring us closer to nature. I am pretty sure the marketing executive have their heavy hands of these as well. Does this make it as bad as the conspiracy of the other sport shoes?
No, not all things advertized are bad. But there are selfreinforcing trends that might not always be purely beneficial. The trend of more technology can be almost funny, for instance when racket manufacturers push each other to claim that they have more or less reinvented the tennis racket every two or three years. The consumer has to look at these things with a critical but openminded eye, imo.
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