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Originally Posted by subz View Post
Have you seen "Game of Thrones" ?

Spartacus, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are good, but Games of Thrones is in another league.
Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Justifed (best writing on TV period) and Spartacus are all the best things on TV right now. Funny that all are from cable networks. Each is great and fills a certain niche - But Sparticus is freaking BAT AS*'CRAZY!!!!!! My wife and I never miss it - and Lucy Lawless OMG!!!! Trivia fact is that her Husband is the producer of the show and must all the actors are Kiwis or from OZ. I could get love Kiwi TV if it's all like this....hahaha

Don't forget Sons of Anarchy starts in a few after Justifed gets done this season - another show full of fun and wack jobs!
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