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Originally Posted by bezs View Post
Nice video really liked some of the shots that were included in the video some cut scenes didn't seem smooth though. Would love to see more clips that showed the footwork of the players before they hit the shot.
Thanks. Yeah some of the transitions are jerky because WMM auto-sizes the clips, which is one of the reasons I would like a more advanced editor.
ATPWorldTour actually made a whole video devoted to footwork, which is where I got the footwork clips. You can see it here

Originally Posted by Kobble View Post
I've been using Videopad for some simple editing. I haven't explored all the options it has. I like it, though, it doesn't skip or crash on me.

I also like gathering clips from Youtube using Clip Converter.

I haven't made any tennis highlight reels. Currently, I am focused on my present project.
Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely check it out
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