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Weakest performance of the year today vs UNC. We gave a better fight vs Duke Friday. The key was #2 doubles. Meza and Rigsby were tied 6-6 and have a very long game which they held to lead 7-6. and I thought that was it. But for some reason they folded and dropped 3 straight games, making the win of Moran and D.Maden at 3 meaningless.

Ayrton Wibowo finally puts it all together and wins a good match, beating 101 Hess-Olesen 6-4 6-4. But that was it for the Tigers. Yannick Maden gave a good performance vs Hernandez. Hernandez rips the cover off the ball every shot. Maden won the 1st set 6-4. Hernandez won 2nd set 6-4 and the the super tiebreak 10-4. Jose just clubbed the ball in the tiebreak and Maden was unable to use some of the 1st set craftiness to win many points.

The rest of the match was a disaster. Meza played bad and was not himself all match. Did not have the same level of intensity that he usually brings. Harrington got killed again, or rather he killed himself again. He seemed to be taking steps forward but after two horrid performances this weekend I don't know anymore.

Rigsby dropped the first set 6-3 and let 5-2 in 2nd but then dropped 5 striaght games anfter playing several baffling points.

Dom Maden was just out willed today. Burkhardt was not going to be denied on senior Day. I have never seen a player run around so much and still win a set 6-0. He was scrambling like mad but Maden could not finish him off in any points.
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