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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
tachi's awesome. I had been going to them up to 3 yrs ago. I've been doing their weekend lunch sashimi special. Back then, it's like $13, for very high quality sashimi, a bowl of rice, a grilled salmon head, and a salad with miso dressing.

Don't know what it costs now. It's really busy there. They also have a out of this world thanksgiving buffet. Only thanksgiving weekend, you book a 2 hr block for a sashimi and cooked food frenzy. It's like $50 but you get your money's worth.
any other sushi places i need to check out?

edit: they are still decently cheap. i'm not sure about the dinners but we went straight for the rolls and it came out to be ~30-40/pp. not bad for decent rolls. i've had makoto, sushi taro, matuba and sushi ko in dc so please don't suggest those. i'm looking for holes in the wall type of joints off the beaten path.

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