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Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
any other sushi places i need to check out?

edit: they are still decently cheap. i'm not sure about the dinners but we went straight for the rolls and it came out to be ~30-40/pp. not bad for decent rolls. i've had makoto, sushi taro, matuba and sushi ko in dc so please don't suggest those. i'm looking for holes in the wall type of joints off the beaten path.
funny enough, the only place i've been to in that list was matuba. And I thought I was playing more for decor than the food.
Yuraku in Germantown used to be the spot for great sushi at an awesome price. However, the only thing I go there nowadays are their buffet and speciality rolls. Sashimi quality doesn't taste same as before. Not good and Not bad, just different than before. Their sear white tuna seawood salad is really good still.
I haven't been to any sushi restaurant for the past 8 monthes (wife is pregnant). Oh yeah, there's a called Sushi En. New hole in the wall place but I heard sushi is very good.
if u get a chance try and let me know. hmm. I may go there today or the new sushi/chinese buffet place in GBurg called Hibachi.
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