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new place in dc called kushi is pretty good tho pricey being in the new convention center area. IMO they do a better yakitori than their sushi. they've been putting out living social 50% off deals so it makes it worth while. not having to drive is def a plus.

back to tacibana. i thought their fish was fresh. maybe a little too heavy on the sesame oil but otherwise good. i find their rainbow roll disgusting but i guess exotic rolls is the name of the game.

if you want a good deal for fresh fish in the DC area, there's another place named kotubuki close by mutuba which dishes out decent value considering the area. the selection is less but the food is good.

sushi taro just sucks now after the remodel. they've jacked up prices while decreased food quality.

komi next door to sushi taro is still the best joint in DC. too bad it got rated as #1 in washintonian as they've jacked up their prefix to be 120/pp.. the good old days of 70/pp is over... ~sad~
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