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when we played today, do you think it was my technique that allowed me to get that kick on my slices, or was it the strings. MY slices are not like normal peoples. They allways spin that way, but with these strings they feel like they kick out wide even more. The only pro, that I can think of that slice like I do is Verdasco. Nadal kind of does since he is also left handed but not really. I guess the main question I am asking is though, can strings allow you to make shoots that you do not possess?

Also I got pro rated at a club a while ago, so I know what my NTRP is for real, but if you had to guess, what would you say the NTRP is of the man who said "I move like an old grandpa." I would go with 5.0 Not all of those guys are that good, but at club it just seems like he is at a whole different level.
Can strings let you hit shots you normally can't? No. Can they make shots you normally hit better? Yes.

He is definitely an open level player. I can't recall his background off the top of my head, but at least 5.0 if not 5.5. One of the others was on the team, and then stopped, and I don't know the background of the other two. They are all at least 5.0 though.
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