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Originally Posted by rdis10093 View Post
Thanks for answering my questions, I know that they do not always pertain to your thread, but they are not really worth creating a whole thread for.

and also you did not see me at 100% yesterday. I am still recovering from being used to playing only indoors. I am sure the same is for you, but we had some good points.

My last question is do all multis shred, or can do some just snap like syn gut?

I'll take this one Mr. PV. Some multis give zero warning they are going to break, they just snap like a synthetic gut. Most will give you some visual cues before snapping. A few will shred ever so slightly and expose their inner solid core before breaking within a few hits. Then there are a few that shred and shred and shred and shred. Signum Pro Micronite and Babolat Xcel which I love both behave like this.
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