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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
When most people are talking hard courts, they mean concrete courts with a surface. The tradition in the US used to be a surface on top of the concrete painted red and green.

There is no difficulty running barefoot on a concrete surface, as I've found myself, but the difficulty will be the quick stops and changes of direction. That can develop a lot of friction, and some of the top pros (Djokovic, Monfils) are sliding all over the hard courts. I'd definitely want some rubber under my foot for that.

I still contend that I could move very rapidly on a hard court surface in a shoe that had that tough outsole material with no midsole or insole. I'd still be off the court, but my foot would ride much closer to the court. Bruising of the heel would be an issue until I adjusted my foot impact, but I think it is highly doable.
Yes I'm not shure I would want to slide on them barefoot either, and I'm not the right one to test that anyway. And I totally agree with your point about a minimalist tennis shoe. Actually a thin, soft insole can be ok for a little added comfort, imo. And the thing is, you start adjusting your foot impact the second you change to minimalist shoes, and of course even more without shoes.
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