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But with the exception of one bad loss to Arkansas, they have beaten everyone they should beat. The issue that they are having is that Maxime Armengaud is out for the year with a broken wrist/hand. If he was in the lineup at 3 where he should be, and Vinel was playing 4, followed by Pham at 5 and Osintsev at 6, they would be in a better condition, but after wins against BYU and Boise St., I think they are definitely a top 40 team.

Also, despite the 6-1 scoreline, they played Stanford pretty tough at the KOW (even though the level of play doesn't factor into their ranking).
Woodrow, you make some good points. I was at the Stanford/Santa Clara match and was impressed with Santa Clara's scrappy play. Since they are missing their #3 I didn't think they were deep enough to be where they are at currently. It seems like you know the Santa Clara team better than I do. I will say that they have improved every year since the new coach came in and I have enjoyed watching them play over the past couple of years. Although I only catch about 2 maybe 3 matches a year.
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