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Default WC Silverstring 1.20 / OGSM 18

WC Silverstring 1.20 / OGSM 18

Stringing: Strung this at 51/55. Silverstring is a super easy poly to work with, so no problems there. OGSM 18 is also incredibly easy to work with. I have to say that the 17 is easier (the 18 feels greasy, but perhaps that's because it came from a set whereas I have a reel of the 17).

The purpose of this playtest is to attempt to duplicate the super crispness of Baseline, but so that it lasts until the crosses break (or the poly gets notched to death). Reason being, I won't have access to my stringing machine this summer, and I really like the Baseline. However, if it only lasts for 4 hours, even with labor, that's 30 bucks a stick down the drain every week and a half. This is, of course, assuming $15 labor is the standard. Regardless, I have a reel of SS, a huge number of packs of OGSM 18 and still the rest of my reel of 17. Also have some Super that I've not used. Aside short, since SS lasts for a very long time, this ends up being a better value than Baseline when I can't string it myself.
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