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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
But basically tendonosis would be the end stage, chronic, degenerated tendon phase that is preceded by active tendonitis symptoms.
This is an interesting one. My Ortho explained it more in terms of tendonitis is the more acute, dangerous ailment. Tendonosis is a more chronic and far more manageable version which many people find a way to work with for long periods with streching and easing their physical efforts.

He said people with (what he referred to as) tendonitis were higher risk of further serious Achillies injury compared to those with tendonosis... But this doesn't seem all that consistent with what you mention above - which seems to say that tendonosis comes later than tendonitis as the issue worsens. I understood they were quite distinct in a few key ways - #1 being tendonitis is usually the result of an acute event and tendonosis more the result of periods of increased or over-training (which is why it's most common in spring as people start to train more).

From what I read over a number of years it seemed that if you don't have any swelling and suffer from periodic stiffness and tenderness on the tendon is limited mainly to touch (i.e. you don't have it when walking etc) then you've likely got tendonosis. With Tendonitis you'd usually have swelling/puffiness around the area and would be in more pain more of the time, even to the extent that it would often hurt even when you're not moving.

For me it's been a long discovery of what I can do to be able to play sport still - and the limits there, as well as what I need to daily to address the issue. My issue still exists but, as I said above, has massively reduced through careful self-therapy (which has never included icing) of daily stretches, strengthening exercises and self-massage. I have, based on the pic above, noninsertional tendonitis - in fact that pic represents almost exactly where my tenderness was located.

My Ortho is one of the many who has started to refer to my sort of issue a tendonopathy - code for: it hurts but there's no real issue we can see or address with medical therapy. I'm about to read the link you posted. Always keen to broaden the learning on it. Good posting... I tend to be more worried about my Achilles when I read about it online rather than what I experience in daily life.

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