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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Many of the commentators in the 70s and 80s never looked really on the winners list of the big tournaments, especially on the big holes and the things, which were apparently missing. 1945 to 1968 very few champions defended their major titles (at Wim only Hoad, Laver and Emerson), let alone built streaks of en suite wins. Tilden was pre pro era, and in that pro-am peridod only Emerson was an exception - no wonder, because he didn't turn pro. So it was some new experience, when Borg, Connors or later Sampras won majors for longer periods. The pros however had long streaks of wins, Gonzalez won 8 US pros (however you rate them), Rosewall 8 French pros, 5 Wembleys, Laver 5 US pros, 4 Wims plus 4 Wembleys (plus 2 open Wembleys) and so on. But those pro streaks were seldom mentioned, people spoke of the lost records. Gonzalez got more famous for his open match win over Pasarell than his long pro reign. Interesting enough, that even Dan Maskell was more Wimbledon and amateur orientated in his alltime list, although he was a pro of the first hour and himself banned from all majors.
Actually, Gonzales and Hoad got more famous for their victories at Forest Hills Pro than any of the so-called pro majors, which were not really majors at all.
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