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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Purely out of passing interest, did you try the PDR+, and if so, why did you prefer the PD+ with lead? Is that even / unduly tip weighted?
Good question. The PDR+ is an amazing stick and was originally what got me really into the PD series. I may revisit it down the road, but I like the PD+ better for a few reasons. The first is that it is easier to control the power since it is lighter and I get more racquet head speed. I also like that I can keep it lighter or weight it up a little.

A + length at 12.1 ozs and close to 340 SW is a rather heavy racquet, so I wanted that option of staying lighter. I am going to experiment more with lead and see how heavy I can go..etc, but lead at 12 to bring the stick to 324 grams strung with dampener, OG is a really nice setup.

As for strings, RIP control is made by Head.
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