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Originally Posted by couch View Post
Hitting again with mine tonight in my doubles league. Have it strung with BM at 53lbs. Hoping this is a good combination. Also have twisted razor and typhoon to try out but haven't received those yet.

Tried it with RPM and thought it was terrible. Only hit with it once and cut it out and the strings barely moved when cut. Looked like no tension maintenance at all.

I hit a lot with the PDGT+ but in the end it just seemed a little sluggish, especially in doubles. Loved the serve and groundies. Maybe it's just mental but the BD+ seems to swing a little easier.

So far I'm liking this racquet, just need to find some good strings to match. Tonight should be a good test.
Will look out for your findings then. PD+ Team/Swirly were always mega-supreme from the b-line and on serve for me, but, yes, a bit sluggish... and the rare times I played doubles I struggled too.
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