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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I actually think Benfica have done themselves no favours, it's a shame.

The way they made a huge deal over Drogba's reaction when the draw was made, players like Gaitan criticising Torres and Drogba before the first leg, the way they were convinced they should of won both legs (especially the first one at home). In the end they were 2 goals short, with Chelsea playing the second half on Wednesday in 2nd gear to try and save energy for the hectic schedule coming up.

I expected alot more from Benfica really, both on the pitch and off it.
I too expected a whole lot more from Benfica. As a team that has some genuine talent on their books and in their side, they should have played much, much, much better. This isn't the Benfica that's won the European cup, that's for sure.
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