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haha. No bet.

I hope Virginia does not sit anyone out. Especially a big 3 player. I want to see them play and want Clemson to face the best possible.

Last year Jarmere Jenkins and Yannick Maden played to a 6-4 6-4 Jenkins win. It was a very long match, if I remember correctly it ended almost same time as Galloway's legendary win over Singh. Even though Maden is better than last year, Jenkins is way better. Maden does not have the firepower to hold up for too long with Jenkins, so it will be more lopsided then last year.

Domijan should over power Meza. Meza likes to power opponents, wont work vs Domijan.

I discussed Wibowo vs Frank in the ACc thread.

Dom Maden could play with Courtney. He is a good returner of serve.

Harrington has no shot vs Shane

Rigsby can maybe battle with Uriguen, last year Uriguen won 6-2 7-5 vs Rigsby.

I think doubles is possible for Clemson. We have been playing inspired doubles recently, especially Moran. But the issue is closing. We will likely lose 9-7 8-6 8-6 or something.

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