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Originally Posted by Gorecki View Post
Benfica is a team of idiots who think the referees are out against them. further more, both the coach and the president are perfect ignorant idiots. the coach is the laughing stock of the nation ofr his constant mistakes and misspelling in his won language...

you should see what "an scandal" they made for this send off - they went for the newspapers, the federation and uefa claiming this send off was unwarranted and exagerated:
I see what you mean about their manager! He seems pretty strange from the things he's been coming out with over the last few weeks, it doesn't really come as a surprise to hear it's pretty common from him.

The football Benfica played in the first leg at home was really poor, they just kept going for the long ball. To hear their manager say Chelsea were lucky to win that one and were outplayed was very strange. Do you watch Top Gear at all? Their manager looks like James May!
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