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pretty good performance from Clemson today. Virginia is dripping in talent. They will be right there for the national title at the end of the season.


It was tight on all 3 courts, but UVA was able to get a late break on courts 1 and 2 to win each 8-5. Clemson won court 3 8-6

singles: (Clemson won at #6)

1: 3 Jarmere Jenkins def 66 Yannick Maden 7-5 6-2
This was a long match. Last one to end. Long rallies and lots of tactics. Jenkins is the fastest player in college tennis and had some ridiculous gets. But overall he did not play that well. He shanked and mis-hit many balls. Maden was throwing him off his A game. He righted the ship more in the 2nd set and was able to dictate most of the points.

2: 1 Mitchell Frank def Gerardo Meza 6-0 6-0
Meza said this was the first time he has ever been double-bageled in his life. This was a matchup made in #### for Meza. Frank had been playing 3 for UVA but was switched to 2 today which sucks because I thought Wibowow actually matched up favorably with Frank. Meza tried to penetrate the curt with his corner to corner flat shots but Frank has impeccable footwork and could track down everything and push it back deep and to the other corner. Every point was a photo copy of the last one, far too much comfort for Frank.

3: 34 Alex Domijan def Ayrton Wibowo 6-2 6-3
Domijan hit some stellar passing shots early and shook Wibowo's confidence at coming to net. He missed too many easy volleys. Wibowo led 3-1 in the 2nd set and had momentum but then completely faded and lost 5 straight games.

4: 75 Justin Shave def Dom Maden 6-3 6-1
didnt see much of this match.

5: 124 Drew Courtney def Hunter Harrington 5-7 7-6(2) 10-8
Great match from Harrington but disappointing in the end. He came back from 2-5 down in the 1st set to win the set 7-5 which is massive because Harrington rarely breaks serve and rarely comes back from deficits. Played a poor 2nd set tiebreak. Both of these players play the same style. Tall, big serve and not the greatest of movers. Harrington led the super tiebreak 8-5, then donated 5 straight points without making Courtney have to strain at all. Missed returns and first ball shots. I hope this loss does not hurt his confidence because he played really well most of the day.

6: Zac Rigsby def Philippe Oudshoorn 6-0 6-4
Best I have sen Rigsby play in a long time. He was flying around the court and serving big. Oudshoorn did not play well and let Rigsby dictate. Hopefully a springboard win for Rigsby because he has the game to be a very solid #6 vs anybody.
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