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I've posted about this in the rackets section too, but I'd like to ask here as well;
I strung up my IGPMP yesterday with 17g @ 55lbs (full bed) and just finished playing with it, and it just was not working for me at all today. I'm coming from TF Black code 16, and the BHB7 just felt so "boardy," as if the whole racket tightened up. I did notice the spin, but that was about it. It only felt good when I hit in the sweetspot, but aside from that it just felt bad. The BC just felt plush all around, just not sure what's going on.

I do like the spin aspect of the string so I do want to give it another whirl, but do you guys know if it strings up tight/will it soften up more? I also have a half set of TF X1 BP around somewhere, was thinking about a hybrid with BHB7, has anyone tried that as well?

comments appreciated!
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