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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Who would want Di Maria? He's genuinely one-footed and his only real asset is his speed (and occasionally his shot from distance, I think he scored a 30 yarder a few months ago). He hasn't got many tricks either. I wouldn't want him playing for Chelsea...
I think somebody would want him. I agree about him not being all that though. Maybe Italy would be an option, Juventus will have money to spend to get their squad up to Champions League level. Inter are looking to rejuvenate their squad, plus they love the Argentinian players.

There are other options too, Anzi maybe? They love a name, Dalglish likes a wide player aswell. Breaker says Man City need wide players and they have money to burn.

He's fallen out with the club and the manager over contract issues, so it seems likely they will cut their losses and get rid whilst his stock is still fairly high.
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