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I've never heard that question about tennis players before.
Important in what way? I don't know if there are any important people in tennis right now among current pro players.
I guess Billie Jean King would be the best and only answer. Some might say Arthur Ashe. Maybe any of the several who have started charities/foundations such as Agassi and his school.
Maybe Ilie Nastase for having sex with 2500 women (he said so in his book). Maybe he was important to all of them. Maybe he gave them something to remember for the rest of their lives? Is that important?
Wingfield? Howard Head? Walter Clopton Wingfield?
With the exception of Billie Jean King, I don't know if the world would be any different today if any certain player had never been born.

Edited later:
Oh! opps! You said "male" player.
Ashe I guess.

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