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Originally Posted by tennistomcat View Post
I have been playing around with my friend's standard length black drive & loved it right away. It seemed like babolat fixed all that I didn't like with the previous versions - mainly the hollow feel & lack of touch. The racket feels very solid & the feel at net is better. I was just about to pull the trigger & buy it but thought it better to demo the + version just to know the difference.

I've never played with an extended length racket before & there was some adjustment period but it still felt great right away. The main things I noticed were my 1st serve percentage was noticeably better & my 2 handed backhand felt even more solid & I felt alot more control in my shot placement. My 2hbh is my solid shot & my shot down the line with it is my bread & butter. I was confidently hitting short, sharp crosscourt, deep crosscourt, inside-out, & down the line back hands which I wasn't able to do consistently with the standard length. I'm still figuring out the adjustments needed for the net play but they seem minor & the other advantages will outweigh this.

This demo was strung with wilson nxt so I'm eager to know how it'll play with my usual poly strings. I know powerplayer says it plays great with a multi but I'd like to see how it plays with my usual lux adrenaline or TF redcode - I can usually play with a full bed of any poly that is not at a high tension with no signs of TE.

I agree with power player that the black drive + is a great racket - I tried going back to the standard length & wished I had the + again.
This is very interesting because I bought a Pure Drive standard on Thursday liked it but am thinking I should have got the + or the PDR (or at least tried them first).
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