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Originally Posted by Xavier G View Post
It's hard to pin down one name, but I have a few names. From what I read, Kramer and Tilden seem to be important figures. Laver did the Grand Slam twice. Connors and Borg did much to give tennis a boost in the 70's media and television boom. Arthur Ashe, rest his soul. Overall, I have a lot of time for Billie Jean King too, fair play to the women. Wasn't Suzanne Langlen a massive star in her day?
You are right.Gonzales was also important during the pro days of the 50īs.Borg is considered by many the father of modernt ennis, not just from a stroke point of view only.But I agree, BJK must be the most influential person associated with this sport.Lenglen was the womenīs equivalent to Tilden, the first really household name.
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