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Appreciate the thread Power Player - glad I found it. I had stumbled onto the black drive + on my own & had been scouring the forums lately looking for any threads on ppl's experiences with the extended length rackets & how long it took to adjust to the switch. This racket is pretty expensive & Babolats rarely have any deals on them so I was nervous about dropping alot of change on something that may not work out.

I feel that I'm solid from the baseline & pretty decent at the net but was looking for something that would help my serve catch up with the rest of my game - But was worried what may happen to my game with a longer racket. I only had the demo for a week & it felt great but sometimes you can't really tell until you put some serious miles on the frame. Threads like these help put me at ease but of course everyone has a different experience with the same rackets.

I had a decent demo with the Vcore 100s & now it's sitting in the bag more often than not. I had a great demo with this racket so I'm hoping the outcome is much better - My new racket should be coming this thurs so i'm stoked to give it a rip.
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