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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
^ Maybe you went to tight, maybe there was a glitch in the stringing, or maybe you're not hitting through the ball enough because the 17 shouldn't feel boardy at 55 (assumed it was on a crank?).

In fact, the Prestige MP was one racquet that I thought the 17 worked very well with (apart from on volleys or in touch play, where that springiness became a hindrance) though the Prestige I used was a leaded up Youtek version.
So I hit again today and boy it played so much better. The stringbed loosened up a bit (I tried applying some pressure to middle of stringbed) and played so much softer. I was actually enjoying hitting with it and didnt want to stop!

I guess next time I will string a bit lower or just let the tension settle in. But there were still hints of "boardiness" on some off center hits. But that's to be expected with any string.
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