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Originally Posted by storypeddler View Post
I get so tired of reading comments from individuals who seem to think that there is only one way to play tennis, one racquet style to choose, one playing style to use, etc. Tennis is an extremely varied sport and I know good, strong players---some 4.5 and better---who play a game that looks nothing like anything the pros play. There are aggressive baseliners and there are net-chargers, lobbers and dinkers, backboards and wild-eyed swing-big-on-every-shot players. And everything in between those categories. I know men in their late 60's who use "BIG" racquets and can slice and dice any decent average player into pieces. So, please, get rid of the ego and the condescending attitude, grow up a little, and think before you make these ridiculous comments. I personally play with Wilson 4.0 Hammer racquets (have for years)---wide-bodied and stiff---and I have always had tremendous success with this "BIG" racquet. Over 150 tournament titles, multiple state championships (singles AND doubles) and was ranked #1 in the Southern section in my 40's using this same "BIG" racquet. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, it isn't the size of the racquet that matters---it's the size of the heart in the player wielding it.
To each his own indeed. You can put me in the category as the type of player who would probably benefit from a larger frame, but I just love the way a 95 sq. in. and under frame feels to me. I have played some older guys that play with what seem like giant frames to me and they'd just KILL the ball everytime they touched it.
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