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I broke another set of the BHB7 over the weekend. This one lasted a bit longer than the last..i'm thinking somewhere at the 7-8 hour mark. I did notice that the notches really smoothed out toward the end; maybe I missed that on the first set because they broke a lot sooner.

I didn't really notice a big drop-off in spin, despite the smoothing of the strings. I was getting a little annoyed with how my volleys were really spraying out a lot. I barely touched a couple of them and they just took off. So that's the part that is real difficult when i'm playing doubles, not so much in singles. I might have to get a different setup for doubles. I still haven't found the magic middle ground for groundies/volleys. It seems like what you give up in on area will also make another more difficult.

I remember liking Big Hitter Silver before...I may give the Big Hitter Silver Rough a shot, because I've always enjoyed playing with LUX Alu Rough. I remember volleying really well with that string also.
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